About the Maker

Hello. I’m Angela, and I’m pleased to meet you! I am a wife, mother, grandmother and nature lover. 

I work part time in technology support and my husband and I own and operate a small resort on Charleston Lake. (Charleston Lakeside Retreat)

My pastimes are gardening, wild foraging, reading, hiking, boating, yoga, visiting flea markets, antiquing, local music, cooking, baking cupcakes, and of course - crafting skincare and candles.

My journey with skincare began in 1997 as a means to help ease my son’s eczema. I loved the fact that I could source the ingredients from my own garden, nature and from local growers. I loved that I could control the ingredients that went on my family’s skin. 

My passion for skincare, natural herbs and essential oils grew, and I dove deeper into formulating. It wasn’t enough just to have healthy ingredients. I wanted to ensure my products were absolutely luxurious, safe, met the appropriate guidelines, were shelf stable, long lasting, and were beautifully (and sustainably) packaged. Decades of continuous learning and research have gone into the products I create and it is my hope that using them is an act of self care that you look forward to. My products are plant-based, cruelty-free, vegan and free from harmful chemicals.

Opening a larger storefront in town and hiring staff have crossed my mind many times over the years. However, I really enjoy my quiet days here on the lake. While I haven’t completely ruled this idea out, I believe that bigger isn’t always better.  

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